Flicker Poem: Cold Day Morning



It seems gay men back in the 21st century were lonely. Our crafters have filed this flicker poem transmission with the temporal isolation division.

cold day morning

Im safe and versatile for same guy with discreet status……Host here now…
Looking for in shape under 30 to pay for doing “chores”.
please be clean and in decent shape
Got guns and pecs? Step up.
I am a married wm nice looking and I do have pictures to show u if your real
I have done it all however my playmate moved
I’ll reply with my number so we can get this going.
lets j/o together watch some porn, maybe me suck you off….looking for NOW
You must be masculine
Looking for preferably older black men …to suck their dicks
BareBack Creampie
LOVE giving oral, servicing multiple cocks, and getting coated in come!
guys with a cool groovy place that gets me in the mood to bust nuts all over me all night long will go to the front of the line.
I have: blue eyes, brown hair, 5′ 8″
180 lbs. clean and disease free
im an average guy and i need to bust a nut
I’m 20 going to reptile show 2maro woundering if there’s gona be other gay males there
I’m not sure exactly what I want.
assure me that you’re not into drugs or risky behavior.
You don’t have to be celibate, but don’t be stupid.
Not looking for gay guys, femmies, trannies, or CDs
If you’re open to all this, and willing to have sex in front of other people, then let me know.
I’m serious

Flickers of the past



At Orrot, Inc, we have just excavated old T1 lines still rich with information. The cables they used to use were ripe with art. Here is a poem we found crafted from old forum comments about an article on Stephen Hawking. All punctuation and spelling left as originally found.

Stephen Hawkings needs Islam to start to believe in God

Nice theory, where is the proof?
He’ll have his chance to tell God this line of crap someday. He must be a democrate to boot
PRAY for this Poor LOST Soul ! How lucky we are to Know the Truth.
THOR created the world!!
It sounds like Hawking’s “views” regarding G*d are as retarded and infantile-looking as his face
He is spiritually retarded.
One of the surest signs of stupidity is to claim to know the unknowable. Poor Stevie has lost it.
Father God, please forgive this man. He just want some attention.
I have never heard of Mr. Hawking. I feel sorry for him though.
All ridiculous. Articles today, are titled according to the belief of the writer.
If there’s a law of gravity, who made that from nothing?
I feel sorry for all of the ignorant people that believe “god” is real. I feel that you have to keep your mind open about things, including religion
This man knows a whole lot about nothing. How can something come from absolutely nothing? Man, common sense is just uncommon these days.
Stephen Hawkings needs Islam to start to believe in God
Why would anyone want to deconstruct Isaac Newtons views? Makes no sense to me.
Mr Hawking, Look at yourself. You are crippled!
Wow! I can tell that the devils army has working over time to make people not believe in God,
You believe in the devil, but you won’t believe in God
Hawkins , the worst living animal in the planet
Wow! Now I’m convinced there are more gamblers in this world than Investors.
There is a happy meduim people, most are just to blind to find it.
I AM a Jesus freak, and I can’t wait to see your face when you find that he’s real.
Did he ever read the bible?will if he just did read it,its very clear that God made everything heaven and earth thats why he is called the GREAT CREATOR
What an idiot, he talks about the laws of physicist without even stoping to ask himself where the laws of this so called physicists came from
God does exist.
he better tuck that lip in before it get’s caught on a trip wire




There are some changes underway at orrot, Inc.  We have completely overthrown the investors, management and sympathizers of Orrot, Inc.  We hope to pacify the unwashed masses with 3 main categories of art: Cog 1 is writing.  You will find many different cogs under this one as you will with the rest.  Cog 2 is visual.  Animation, photography, collages, tv news, advertising.  Cog 3 relates to anything aural.  This could be music, sound effects, impressions, etc.

Here at Orrot, Inc we have instituted a categorical search through the genres of art to find the truth of each.  We hope you too will enlist in our common corporate goals.